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Articles and frequently asked questions about water damage.

Monthly Archives: October 2012

My Roof Leaks. Are Shingles Enough?

My Roof Leaks. Are Shingles Enough?5 (100%) 1 vote A question we get occasionally is about roof leaks and whether just replacing shingles is enough. The simple answer is ‘maybe’. As mentioned in a post written by Alan and Heather Davis (Signs Your Roof Needs Repair), there could be all kinds of issues with your […]

Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network

Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network5 (100%) 1 vote Flood Specialists, Inc. recognizes the need for water damage technicians to come together under a unified network. A water mitigation network. The advantages are great, from sharing a workload during a disaster, equipment rental resources, and consulting upcoming new businesses. Flood Specialists, Inc. is growing and would […]

Why Do We Promote Winterizing Homes?

Why Do We Promote Winterizing Homes?5 (100%) 1 vote Several people have asked why we wrote so many articles about preparing homes before winter. It’s really quite simple. People forget what happens every year after the summer. So I’ll enlighten you with a song by the greatest rock band EVER. Led Zeppelin, for those of […]

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