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Chicago – The Windy City Also Waterlogged

Chicago – The Windy City Also Waterlogged
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Chicago has broken another record by getting 41.62 inches of rain in one year. 2011 has been rough and it doesn’t look like Mother Nature is going to give Chicago a break. Thursday’s forecast calls for wind advisories starting at 4pm, followed by a cold front with chances of more rain and thunderstorms.

As of 7 p.m., over 27,000 customers are without power due to the weather. ComEd tweets are asking residents to report power outages while the wind advisory lasts until 5 a.m. Friday.

High winds can cause roof damage. It’s a good idea to check your shingles after the winds die down. Missing shingles can result in roof leaks when it starts raining. With all the rain lately, the ground in your area can be saturated and create a dangerous situation if you have large trees. Trees, saturated soil, and high winds can result in fallen trees.

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