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What Is An Emergency Response Plan?

What Is An Emergency Response Plan?
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The Emergency Response Plan represents an important component of your continuing efforts to protect your business’s inventory, real and or personal property in the event of a disaster. Under this plan, Flood Specialists Inc. will implement strategies to dry or otherwise repair your water or fire damaged structure and materials quickly and professionally.

What is included in the Emergency Response Plan?

  1. Emergency training before a disaster strikes
  2. Telephone tree of who needs to be contacted – how, when and where
  3. Free on site assessment to help define potential problems and minimize damage
  4. Priority emergency response from trained professionals 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  5. Reduce business interruption by selecting secondary site to operate in the event of a major disaster strike
  6. Customer confidence that any interruption will be of a short duration
  7. Savings due to minimal revenue interruption and loss of business
  8. Emergency pump out and extraction
  9. Fastest heat or desiccant drying equipment available anywhere
  10. Documented procedures throughout the loss for submissions to insurance carrier
  11. Document preservation and restoration

Even with the best of precautions, disasters do occur, and the intent of the Emergency Response Plan (E.R.P.) is to aid those responding quickly and effectively to minimize the damage and speed recovery.

The E.R.P. is organized to move from first response (as shown in phone tree) through the steps involved in recovering from a minor disaster, usually involving only a few rooms or areas, followed by steps to be taken in the event of a major disaster. The basic plan is generic. It is designed to accommodate your individual unit’s conditions and needs. But it is useful only if it is completed and updated periodically. This is the responsibility of the disaster liaison in each unit. Once completed, copies of the plan should be kept in the homes and offices of each member of the unit’s disaster response team. One copy should be placed in the emergency unit supply box, and another filed with Flood Specialists, Inc.

For more information about the E.R.P, please contact us at 888-502-5699.

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