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Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network

Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network
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Flood Specialists, Inc. recognizes the need for water damage technicians to come together under a unified network. A water mitigation network. The advantages are great, from sharing a workload during a disaster, equipment rental resources, and consulting upcoming new businesses.

Flood Specialists, Inc. is growing and would like to welcome small restoration, general construction, and specialty trade companies into the Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network. We have a need to delegate surplus and specialty work. We are looking to fill a niche, by unifying a network of hardworking tradesmen that deliver quality work to our customers.

Our name stands apart from others because we have been in business for over 20 years and have superior customer satisfaction. We have earned an A+ business rating status with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for several years.

From the beginning we have taken the time to learn the fire, biohazard, and water damage restoration techniques and we want the Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network to be comprised of the industry’s best. We are looking for companies that are IICRC qualified and are current on the latest drying and cleaning techniques.

Join the Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network, and together we can revolutionize the quality of the work performed for water mitigation claims. We can utilize the funds allotted from insurance companies to provide superior quality mitigation and reconstruction work. Imagine a distraught customer having their possessions destroyed in a disaster and having to rebuild; being overjoyed at your ability to restore their property to a BETTER than pre-loss condition. That is our goal each and every time we go out on a call. Excellent customer service is our priority every day.

We consistently outperform our competitors and never undercut our customers in quality materials or craftsmanship. We understand that a knowledgeable consumer is a happy consumer. We walk our customers through our restoration procedure; provide invaluable tips and information utilizing the best mitigation equipment, addressing all concerns. We make our course of action understandable and we involve property owners or managers in decisions and options; making the entire expeditious process painless.

More often now than before, we are called to repair or change something that another company has done that the customer wasn’t happy with. Rather than that happening with our company we prefer to involve the customer from the start. Our vision is to be a brand associated with excellence and while other networks are satisfied with being the “HMO” of water mitigation service, making policyholders negotiate and argue against substandard quality, we want our customers to be the winners. The loss of property, time and money is a lot to suffer through, and we are in the business to make it all better, period.

For more information about the Flood Specialists Water Mitigation Network, call 1- 888-502-5699 or email

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  1. In addition to water damage restoration, there is also fire damage restoration and biohazard cleaning (i.e. blood, accident scene, hoarding cleanup).

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