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How To Avoid Basement Flooding

How To Avoid Basement Flooding
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Basement flood cleaning is often necessary after severe storms. Basement flooding is usually a result of poor landscape grading, poor roof drainage during a storm, or other problems. Check your gutters to ensure they are working correctly. A properly functioning gutters will stop water from from collecting at the base of your home.

Flooded basement

Basement flooding due to improper landscape grading should be fixed. The landscape around your house should be highest at the house and slope down and away from your house. The rainfall needs to flow away from your house. You can add soil around your house to raise the level of the grade but don’t use topsoil alone because it will simply wash away instead of allowing it to flow away from your house. Use a mix of topsoil and clay dirt.

Check your plumbing for corosion. Copper pipes should be copper colored. If you see dull white residue on your pipes, chances are they are coroding. Some houses have old galvanized pipes. If you do and they are not leaking yet, you’re lucky. It’s a good idea to get those upgraded to copper or PEX tubing (check the plumbing code in your city to make sure you can use PEX).

Make sure your hot water heater is in good working order. Anode rods should be examined to ensure they are still there. They are made of magnesium or aluminum/zinc and are there to keep your hot water heater from coroding. If your anode rod is coroded, that’s good. It means it’s doing its job. If all you see is a bare wire, it’s time to replace the anode rod. Some hardware stores carry them, but you might have to get professional help if your store doesn’t carry them.

Hire a Basement Flooding Professional

If you are unable to do the things mention above, your best bet is to call Flood Specialists. We’ll examine everything and tell you what needs to be replaced or repaired.

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