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Is Water Damage Restoration Expensive?

Is Water Damage Restoration Expensive?
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The cost of water damage restoration is a question often asked by two categories of people. The homeowner or business owner, and the guy who wants to get into the water damage restoration business. The answers are similar but different enough to need an explanation.

For the homeowner, the cost of water damage restoration depends on the extent of the damage, where the damage occured, replacement cost of damaged material, and a bunch of other factors. To help people understand this a little better, imagine a typical unfinished basement with nothing down there except your hot water heater and furnace. Now if this basement got flooded by a broken pipe or water heater, your furnace could be damaged if it’s in the water. This damage would probably be covered by insurance too. The cost of this type of restoration work depends on the amount of work involved. Water needs to be removed, basement dried, furnace dried and water heater or broken piping replaced. It could cost as little as a few hundred but it could also be more too. It really depends on the extent of the damage. Was this found quickly? Has water been pouring into your basement for days without you noticing? Is the broken pipe in the basement or farther up inside your house? Lot’s to consider.

Another example is similar but this time the basement is finished with padded carpeting over a previously tiled (vinyl) floor, drywalled walls, acoustic tile ceiling and nice furniture everywhere. At first the owner only smells something but doesn’t know why. After a sever storm, they find their basement with 3 inches of water. All the carpeting is submurged, the furniture is standing in water, and drywall is now absorbing the water. The owner spends time calling different companies for estimates, waited for them to show up, while the water was soaking in. This restoration job ends up being very expensive because it requires a larger crew to pump out the water, remove the tiles that have delaminated, replace the carpet and pads as well as the walls because they’ve absorbed so much water and become unsalvagable.

For the guy who is trying to get into the water damage restoration business, the costs involved include training, certification, business licenses, insurance, and a bunch of restoration equipment. To think one could get into the business for a few thousand dollars is mistaken. And for a customer who hires someone like this is an even bigger mistake because they’ll end up needing a professional to fix what the startup missed.

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