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Water Damage Equipment – Rent, Test & Learn

Water Damage Equipment – Rent, Test & Learn
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Flood Specialists, Inc. has a fleet of great and meticulously maintained and cared for water damage equipment. Why do specialty trades and weekend warriors need to buy equipment for rare use occasions? No longer for just ‘friends of the trade’; we have the equipment and knowledge at hand for the public’s convenience.

Flood Specialists, Inc. is proud to announce a new equipment rental division giving you the option to rent restoration equipment. We have specialty equipment geared for fire and flood clean up that you cannot find at your normal rental houses. We offer equipment, delivery, placement and consultations. Our technicians are certified and trained in the use of all equipment and cleaning methods.

We have medium blasting equipment that includes dry ice and soda blasting. Whereas dry ice blasting is a relative new technology, the results are phenomenal and applications are endless. It can remove fire or smoke damage, eliminate mold, remove efflorescence from masonry, and restore old brick pavers. It is a non-abrasive and non-flammable cleaning method. Pressurized air is used to create mini explosions of frozen carbon dioxide (the gas we exhale) on the surface lifting dirt, oil, and debris. When dry ice melts it just turns into a gas and there is no secondary cleanup of the blasting medium. It truly is a more cost-effective way to clean, as it cuts down on cleaning time and labor hours.

Some people prefer the odor absorbing method of baking soda blasting. Imagine that little yellow box removing smoke and fire odors from a home. There is nothing more effective. Soda blasting is so effective it was used to restore the Statue of Liberty in the 1980s. Baking soda is so safe we use it to brush our teeth! It is perfect for cleaning in the food service industry.

Remediation, reconstruction professionals and the do-it-yourselfer turn to Flood Specialists, Inc. for their tool and equipment rental needs. Our extensive fleet of equipment includes air movers, negative air machines, dehumidifiers, extractors, blowers, axial fans and the supplies you need are all available for rent. We also have a limited supply of used equipment for sale. You can call our toll-free number 1-888-502-5699 for 24 hour access to the tools and equipment needed for disaster relief.

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