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Speak Up and Get What You Paid For

Speak Up and Get What You Paid For
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A customer of Flood Specialists, Inc. was indignant at the way an ‘at-fault’ construction company was handling her black water damaged property she called us to get back what she originally invested in her home.

It is springtime and there will be an influx of activity going on outside along with milder weather. Last spring a water damage situation came from municipal construction being performed in a neighborhood. There was repairs being done to a sewer line and unfortunately it rained overnight and backed up sewage into resident’s homes. The responsible construction company is then financially accountable for repairs to yours and everyone else’s property. Often they try to skim on the valuables they are required to replace. They have a cut-rate boiler plate plan in mind for replacements in the homes and if you had upgrades, they usually do not take those into consideration unless you speak up or use your own mitigation team that will replace your items with comparable materials.

This particular type of damage is called black water damage and everything must be treated as a biohazard. Black Water is the term used for water that contains urine, fecal matter and pathogens. The process for black water damage is more extensive than other types of damage. Crews in biohazard suits come to your home and clean-up, demolish and prep your home for reconstruction. Dry wall will have to be ripped out, carpets and pads thrown out. It is surprising how dry-wall can wick sewer water up to 30 inches high.

One of our customers decided to select Flood Specialists, Inc. to do the reconstruction on her home. She had invested quite a bit of money on upgrades and didn’t want an inferior replacement. This was not a piece of investment property for her, this was her home. The original cookie-cutter plan cut out for her condo did not suit her and so she went with Flood Specialists to get back what she paid for.

A reputable mitigation company will send out a sample of carpet to be analyzed and from that analysis you can select a financially equivalent substitute during the reconstruction phase. If you feel the reconstruction company is skimping on craftsmanship, cabinetry and flooring. You are in your rights to hire a reputable mitigation and reconstruction company that has your best interests in mind and can restore your home to a pre-loss condition or better.

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