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Water Alarm Review: Gizmode 9Volt Water Alarm, 110dB

Water Alarm Review: Gizmode 9Volt Water Alarm, 110dB
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We got our hands on the Original Water Alarm – WA01 – by Gizmode Innovations and put it through some rigorous testing. This water alarm is very loud and can be heard in basements, cabinets, or other remote places that are susceptible to moisture or leaks. This handy device screams at 110+ dB. It is very sensitive and therefore a perfect option for basements that have potential moisture problems. This alarm comes with a 1 year warranty, has a long battery life (chirps when battery runs low), and the easiest to use.

Gizmode Original Water Alarm 9v

We tested it first by setting it in a dish of water just to make sure it worked. It sure did… boy was it loud. Then as soon as we pulled it out of the water, the loud water alarm stopped. To test the sensitivity, we placed the alarm on a dry piece of paper. At one end of the paper, we placed a damp sponge dipped in blue food coloring. We were able to watch the paper absorb the blue water and how it traveled toward the alarm. This process took a while and was done this way to simulate a slow moisture build-up. As soon as the blue water reached the sensor – maybe a whisker shy – it started screeching.

Chicago experienced a sudden drop in temperature recently which was a perfect time to test for condensation. This drop in temperature also dried the air significantly so the humidifier kicked on to add moisture to the air. We set the water alarm on the concrete floor and checked the humidity each day. We kept the property at a constant 74 degrees and gradually raised the humidity. The alarm was triggered when the humidity reached 68%. It felt a bit muggy, but not wet. Even the concrete floor did not feel wet. But when we picked it up, it turned off. So, not only is this little alarm good for detection obvious moisture, small leaks and full blown water infiltration, it is a warning device for mold.

Gizmode Original Water Alarm 9v 2

Water Alarm – A small investment

For under $30 you get piece of mind knowing that you have a chance to save your home from potential disaster. Whether it’s a small plumbing leak that slowly decays your home, basement flooding, or high humidity, you’ll be alerted so you can take action. Available at

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