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Water Damage Articles & FAQs

Articles and frequently asked questions about water damage.

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Water Damage Loss to Home or Business

Water Damage Loss to Home or BusinessRate this post Water damage loss to a person’s home or business can occur in many ways. Avoiding this damage is a simple as a little common sense and routine maintenance. Foreclosed/Vacated Homes and Businesses – Unheated structures can have frozen pipe bursts When a house or business is […]

Winter Fire and Water Damage Prevention

Winter Fire and Water Damage Prevention5 (100%) 2 votes If you thought the only time water damage could happen was during severe summer storms, you are wrong. Winter can be just as bad or be the cause for Springtime issues. Winter is also a popular time for fires. The frigid temperatures of winter are slowly […]

Preventing Water Damage From The Outside?

Preventing Water Damage From The Outside?5 (100%) 1 vote When people think of preventing water damage, they immediately think of their sump pumps, floor drains, and foundation cracks. It’s funny how most people ignore the most important preventative measure there is from keeping rainfall from seeping down the side of your foundation and into your […]

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