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Water Damage Articles & FAQs

Articles and frequently asked questions about water damage.

Water Damage. What Is It?

Water Damage. What Is It?
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Water damage is the deterioration or destruction of a material or structure that has been in contact with water or excessive moisture. Deterioration or destruction is by decomposition, rotting, rusting, or mold growth. These are just some of the processes by which water damage occurs. Water damage can be unnoticeable for long periods of time or fast and destructive. It all depends where the water damage is.

A leaking refrigerator can saturate a wood floor where it can’t be seen. Over time, the wood fibers start to rot and eventually are not strong enough to hold the refrigerator. One of our jobs was just in time. When trying to open the customer’s refrigerator door, the entire fridge swayed back and forth. The floor was so spongy that eventually it would have fallen through if the joists had rotted.

On the other hand, severe rainfall can cause your basement to flood. If it’s a finished basement, the damage is usually more severe. Carpets, padding, drywall, and ceiling tiles absorb the water and can be unsalvagable if you don’t act quickly. The best thing to do is to elevate your personal property so that it’s not sitting in water, then contact us by calling one of the numbers above.

Do You Have Water Damage?

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