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Basement Flood Cleaning Service

Basement flood cleaning is not something anyone wants to deal with, but it is something that must be done soon after a flood to prevent more damage. Flood Specialists is Clean Trust Certified (also known as IICRC) and will get your basement back to normal quickly.

Water Removal

Flooded basement

Water removal is not always as easy as it sounds. Before our technicians remove the water from your basement, they will evaluate the situation taking into account your homes age, type of construction, and the land your home is built on.

Water removal will only be performed when safe to do so. Pumping large quantities of water from a basement could result in structural collapse if the ground around your home is saturated with water and has high external pressure. Therefore, our water damage specialists test the land around your home's foundation to ensure water removal is safe to do.

Basement Flood Cleaning & Sanitizing

Water infiltration into a basement can be a health concern if not cleaned properly. There are three categories of water that can be in your basement.

  • Category 1 Water is considered 'Clean Water' and usually comes from broken water pipes, sink overflows or laundry machine supply lines. This water does not pose a substantial threat.
  • Category 2 Water is considered 'Grey Water' and contains chemical, biological or physical contaminants. This water typically occurs during sump pump failure, hydrostatic pressure (when water pressure outside forces its way inside), dishwashers, and washing machines. This water can cause health concerns when exposed or accidentally consumed.
  • Category 3 Water is considered extremely unsafe and known as 'Black Water'. This water usually comes from sewage backups, rising water from rivers and streams, ground surface water and standing water. This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi and cause severe discomfort or illness when exposed or accidentally consumed.

Category 2 Water can mutate into unsafe Category 3 water after 24 hours.

Therefore, it is critical to contact Flood Specialists as soon as possible to start the cleaning and sanitizing process. We follow IICRC & EPA guidelines to ensure your property is cleaned properly.


Basement Drying

Once the water is pumped out of your basement, cleaned and sanitized, our technicians will dry your basement thoroughly. Flood Specialists has a wide variety of drying equipment and will use the most suitable for your situation to ensure the basement is completely dry and the humidity level is back to normal levels.

Basement Repair & Restoration

A basement flood often results in damage to finished walls, drywall, insulation, carpet and tile flooring. Flood Specialists will remove and replace all damaged drywall, insulation and flooring and refinish it so you never know there was a problem.

Easy Insurance Claims

  • We have years of experience working with insurance claims.
  • We help all our customers with insurance complexities and claims process.
  • We make sure to photograph and document the basement flood damage.
  • We record moisture and humidity levels required by most insurance companies.
  • We communicate all repairs and losses to your insurance company.

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