Today is Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Carpet Cleaning & Drying Service

Carpet cleaning by water damage restoration professionals leaves your carpet clean, healthy and DRY. Unlike many carpet cleaning companies who leave your carpets damp after they steam or shampoo them, we do everything they do except we ensure your carpet is dry and ready to walk on.

Pre-Clean Inspection of Carpet

Before we start cleaning, we inspect your carpet and determine what type of cleaning is best for your carpet.

Unlike many carpet cleaning companies, we vacuum your carpets with our industrial strength vacuums. We'll get the deep-down dirt that conventional vacuums just can't get to.

Move Your Furniture

It isn't clean unless it's all clean. That's why we move your furniture so we can clean every inch of your carpet.

Spot Treatment

Seeing spots? Not when we're done. We'll apply a spot treatment to get the stain out.

Clean & Rinse

We make sure all the dirt and soap is removed from your carpet.

Dry Carpet

As mentioned above, we make sure your carpets are DRY so you can walk on them right away.

Carpets Need Cleaning? Call Today!

A water damage specialist is ready to clean & dry your carpets. Contact Flood Specialists by calling one of our numbers above or using our Callback Service.

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