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Dehumidification & Moisture Control

A healthy home is one that has right amounts of moisture in the air. Too much moisture and you risk mold and mildew growth. Not enough and you risk damaging your hard wood floors, window casings and baseboards.

Controlling The Moisture Level

Humidity Control

Most homes have air conditioning units and furnaces in Illinois. But not all of them have humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Some have both and compete with each other.

A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air until it reaches its preset level. A humidifier adds moisture into the air whenever the furnace or air conditioner turns on.

Recommended Moisture Level (Relative Humidity)

Try to keep your home between 35% and 45% for best comfort. At this level, your acoustic guitar will not dry out, furniture will not become dry and brittle. Additionally, your home will not be humid enough for mold problems.

Getting It Right All Year

A good humidifier will allow you to add moisture only when the air is too dry, like winter time. This is when the furnace kicks in and heats the air - drying it out. In the summer time, rain storms make the air very humid and can get trapped inside your home. That's when you need a good dehumidifier to kick in automatically.

DIY Or Professional?

If you are not handy with tools and instruction manuals, you're probably better off calling the professionals at Flood Specialists to install your humidity control system.

We will measure the moisture levels in your home with specialized tools and then install and calibrate your system. Once complete, your home will maintain a consistent humidity level all year long.

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