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Emergency Plumbing Service

The need for immediate plumbing repair is easy to identify. Broken pipes, supply lines, sewer line, or sprinkler system can flood your property very quickly. That's why we're available 24/7 for disasters like these.

Why Not Call A Plumber?

Emergency plumbing

Plumbers are great. We have some of the best plumbers right here at Flood Specialists, Inc. But most plumbers will only fix the plumbing problem and leave the resulting damage behind.

Flood Specialists, Inc. repairs the defective plumbing, cleans and dries the impacted area and restores your property to it's pre-loss condition. What condition? Imagine what an emergency plumbing disaster looks like:

  • Corroded pipe to your upstairs bathroom bursts.
  • The water spraying inside your wall cavity barely makes a sound.
  • The water soaks into the drywall from the inside of the wall cavity but you don't see anything because the paint holds for now.
  • The water soaks into the ceiling downstairs while everyone is asleep.
  • After the drywall can't handle the strain of the water weight, the ceiling downstairs collapses.
  • You wake up and find your family room in shambles and the ceiling is gone.

Now that you have a visual picture, do you think a typical plumber can fix this for you? Probably not.

Why Choose Flood Specialists?

We are licensed and certified restoration professionals who have almost 20 years of restoration experience. Our technicians are experts in all things related to damage restoration. This includes plumbing, air conditioning, heating, construction, remodeling, cleaning, mold, air quality, and the list goes on and on.

Restoration is such a highly complex field that it requires expertise in all areas. Flood Specialists, Inc. hires professionals from all fields and still requires them to go through extensive training and certification.

Flood Specialists, Inc. is an A+ rated business by the BBB and certified by the IICRC and Cleantrust. This certification shows that we know how to clean and restore property. We also have certification from the EPA for handling lead. Lead poisoning is a serious matter and we're qualified to test and handle any lead contamination found during a plumbing emergency. Click here to view learn more about our certification.

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