Today is Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Emergency Water Removal

Emergency water removal is needed when excessive amounts of water fill in places where water doesn't belong. Basements, crawl spaces, parking lots, yards, catch basins, streets, and neighborhoods that have filled with water need to be pumped out before damage begins to occur.

Flooding Disasters

Flooded neighborhood

When excessive amounts of water create emergency situations, it is extremely important to have qualified disaster restoration teams contacted immediately. In cases where entire neighborhoods are under water, the local government will usually take action. But you shouldn't wait for them to take care of the situation for you.

Instead contact us yourself. We're usually one of the few companies called upon who can respond to large disasters anyway. So why wait?

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency situations don't follow a schedule or wait until it's convenient for you. Emergencies usually happen at the worst possible time. That's why we're available 24/7 to respond to emergency disasters.

When is it an emergency and when should you call?

Sand bags
  • When the river by your house is rising and you don't have sandbags anywhere.
    Call before the river starts flooding your neighborhood.
  • Severe weather is forecasted and the weatherman says there will be flooding in your neighborhood.
    Call us before the floods come so we can prepare your house for minimal damage afterwards.
  • Your basement has a few inches of water and you don't know why.
    Call us as soon as possible.
  • Your plumbing broke for no reason and is flooding everything.
    Shut off the water supply if you know how or call the City to help you. Then call us.
  • Your kids left the sink running all night and now you have a swimming pool in your house.
    Call us after you've had a lengthy discussion with your kids.

Why Call Us?

We've been in the business of extracting water and restoring property since 1993 and know what we're doing. We have a large supply of state-of-the-art equipment and a crew that is second to none.

Easy Insurance Claims

  • We've helped thousands of customers with their insurance claims.
  • We provide your insurance company with all the required photographs and documentation.
  • We take readings of your humidity and moisture levels for your insurance company.
  • Your insurance company is in constant contact with us until the work is complete.

Have an Emergency? Call us now!

A water damage specialist is ready to help you. Contact Flood Specialists by calling one of our numbers above or using our Callback Service.

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