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Storm Damage Services

You never know when Mother Nature is going to surprise you by blowing your shingles away or knocking over your tree. Sometimes she likes to fill your yard or street with excessive rainfall. Our 24/7 availability and guaranteed workmanship restores your property back to normal.

Debris & Fallen Tree Cleanup

Fallen Trees

Nobody thinks about what to do if a tree falls over onto their roof. Most people would call a tree trimming service. In many cases this would be fine, but ask yourself if tree trimmers are also going to repair your roof, electric, drywall, water pipes, and anything else that was damaged. Probably not.

Instead, call us because we are one of the only "full service" companies that can handle all types of disaster. Calling one company to remove the tree AND restore your property is also less costly.

Debris Cleanup

The storms in Chicago often come with high winds in the 60-70 mph range which tears off shingles, picks up trash cans, and scatters debris everywhere. When it's just a few pieces of garbage or small tree branches, most homeowners handle it themselves. But when the debris is overwhelming, that's where we step in. We take any size problem and clean it up for you.

Rising Rivers & Flash Flood Preparation

When storms bring excessive rainfall, we're ready to help you with sandbagging and preparing your home or business for floods. We understand how water gets in and will address the areas most people miss. Floods are almost impossible to protect against but at least you can minimize the damage if you call us.

Call A Storm Damage Expert Today

A storm damage expert is ready to help you. Contact Flood Specialists by calling one of our numbers above or using our Callback Service.

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