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Water Leak Detection Service

Water leaks and hidden moisture are the leading cause of mold and structural damage to your property. We can find moisture behind walls, under and around bathtubs and showers, virtually anywhere with infrared technology.

What Is Infrared Leak Detection?

Infrared leak detection uses a special infrared camera that detects the heat signature of any object it points at. When pointed at a wall with a cold water pipe in it, the water pipe shows up as a dark purple color and the rest of the wall will be a much lighter color depending on it's temperature.

Our certified technicians use FLIR i7 Infrared cameras and will capture the images necessary for insurance claims.

Benefits Of Professional Leak Detection

There are several reasons customers choose Flood Specialists for leak detection.

  • Less Cost - There is no need to disassemble a wall or ceiling to find the source of a leak so there is less initial work.
  • Very Fast Detection - The fastest way to detect water leaks and moisture without demolishing your property in the process.
  • No Demolition - we can find the source of the leak or moisture.
  • Basement Leak Prediction - By looking at the temperature variations of your basement walls, we can tell you where leaks occur or can occur.
  • Plumbing Diagnosis - If your sinks do not drain, we can find where the blockage is.
  • HVAC Problems - We can detect air conditioning vent problems where condensation could be occurring.

Better Insurance Claims

A picture is worth a thousand words and even dollars. When we find leaks or moisture within a wall, ceiling or sub floor, the thermal images are provided to your insurance claims adjuster.

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