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Wet Ceiling Repair Service

Wet ceilings are usually very obvious but sometimes only a stain is visible. Both cases require attention by a certified water damage technician. Behind the stain or drip could be a much bigger problem that requires expert repair work.

Wet Ceiling That Drips

Do not poke a hole in the ceiling as some amateurs recommend. There is a possibility of an accumulation of large amounts of water. This weight of the water creates pressure that is equally distributed on the ceiling. Poking a hole causes all that pressure to come out through a single hole which would disintegrate and fall on you.

Another reason to not poke a hole in the ceiling is you'd be destroying evidence. Wait until our technicians can take a photo with our Infrared thermal imaging camera. This will be needed for the insurance company to see the magnitude of the damage they will be paying for.

Stained Ceilings

Stained ceilings are a sign of long term moisture or a slow continuous leak. Before any repairs are started, an infrared thermal image is taken to see how big the problem is.

Professional Ceiling Repair

Ceilings can have electrical wiring for lights, insulation, and mold growth that can complicate what appears to be a simple repair job.

  • Electrical Danger - Ceilings with electrical wiring can cause electrical shock if not handled properly.
  • Lights & Chandeliers - Lights that are mounted in the ceiling can be heavy and come crashing down if the ceiling has been wet for a prolonged period of time. Precautions need to be taken when removing the lights.
  • Insulation - Do-it-yourselfers often find themselves covered in insulation. Our professional technicians will ensure insulation is not spread throughout your home.
  • Mold - If the ceiling has been wet for an extended period of time, there is probably mold that can easily spread to other parts of your home if not handled correctly.

Expert Repairs

Don't risk repairing your ceiling incorrectly and having if fall on your while watching television or sleeping. Flood Specialists has over 20 years experience fixing water damaged structures and will restore your ceiling back to normal.

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