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Wet Documents & Book Restoration Service

If you thought your important documents, books, pictures, blueprints, and drawings would have to be thrown away because they suffered water damage, you're wrong. We can use specialized freeze drying equipment to salvage them all.

Freeze Drying

We use state-of-the-art technology to effectively and efficiently restore wet documents and valuable keepsakes. Our vacuum freeze drying capabilities help set us apart from other restoration companies.

The fundamental principle of freeze drying is sublimation, the transformation of a solid to a gas. Sublimation occurs by lowering the atmospheric pressure and controlling the temperature so that ice begins to thaw but not turn to liquid. Instead, ice turns to gas, which is removed safely from whatever is being freeze dried.

Restoration Process

First, the item(s) being restored must be frozen solid. This maintains the integrity, shape and form of the item(s). In this frozen state, the item(s) can be stored indefinitely without risk of additional damage. Other drying methods, like vacuum drying, simply do not afford this significant benefit. Drying using vacuum alone takes more time and allows liquid to remain until evaporation occurs. Inks and dyes can still run, stick and stain. Distortion or expansion can occur on printed pages or other materials. Decay or mold can also occur if liquid still exists. To properly restore books and documents, a vacuum freeze drying combines freezing and drying at the same time.

Benefits of Vacuum Freeze Drying

  • Control - Freezing wet books & documents stabilizes them until the freeze drying process begins.
  • Prevention - Freeze drying is the "performance proven method" to virtually eliminate additional damage to items caused by the liquid present during other drying techniques.
  • Results - Water damaged items are restored and preserved as close to their original state as possible using today's restoration technology.
  • Restored Documents – Items restored include, but not limited to: Important Business Records, Blue Prints, Medical Records, Valuable Art Work, Historical Print Material, Heirlooms and Keepsakes.

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